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Thursday, November 04, 2004
Woot! Go Jazz!
Ok, so Dickau is out on the IR. Basically he is being held in reserve in case someone else gets injured. It happens, but at least he is on a team. Frahm didn't play last night. The Trailblazers probably could have used him as they didn't really ring up the points in the first three quarters, but pulled it off with a solid 4th. Time will tell if they can keep it up.

But how about those Utah Jazz! All though they are now two years removed from the John Stockton(Greatest point guard ever) era I will probably pay attention to them until the end of time. Just like I still pay attention to the Bronco's because of Elway. But I digress. Way to take down the Lakers. Take down is perhaps to soft of a description, they kind of smashed them. I don't pay attention to the pre-season to much, so I don't know if the Jazz look to be able to do this all year. But with Boozer and that big Russian Kirilenko going strong it would be cool to see them be a challenger this year. That and I hate the Lakers. Nothing personal, but Kobe whines to much. Don't worry though, I hate Shaq to. Sucker flails around like a fish out of water then bitches about calls left and right. At least he lost weight for his new team, wonder how long that will last. I give it 3 months before the honeymoon is over. But once again, I digress.

Side Note:
Sonics sucked it up something fierce. To the Clippers even. Seriously, who looses to the Clippers. Or are they decent now? I really should pay more attention. And the only political news you will see on this blog, the Redskins lost and incumbent president won. Making this the first time that has happened. Ever. Since the team moved to Washington in 1936. Guess it was just a coincidence after all.

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