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Wednesday, October 27, 2004
Nice game, almost pulled it off.
Sometimes I wish I had a Tivo and the NBA Spend Way To Much Money On Us Cable Package. Then I could record all the games with players I want to know about and give nice updates about how each one played the game. As it is, I just have to deal with the box score where Dan Dickau came off the bench and scored 17 points in 23 minutes on 6 of 8 shooting and almost helped Dallas take down the Spurs. Then again, the Spurs were without Duncan, but it still makes a pretty good case for keeping Dan on the roster and giving him some play time this year. Then again, it also makes a point for other teams to pick him up if he should be cut. Teams like the Utah Jazz. That's right, the Jazz are having troubles in the Guard spot this year with their backup's, Rual Lopez, knee still not healing up like it should. With the other players they have in training camp not protecting the ball very well they are looking around to see what they will do if Lopez isn't ready. Dickau is one of the choices. It would be nice to see Blake Stepp get a tryout as well, you never know.

Nothing new on the Zags front. Probably won't have to much for a month or so. And I'm still ignoring the Mariners and Seahawks.
Tuesday, October 26, 2004
That's one way to do it...
The Timerwolves had a problem. They had a young player that showed some promise but would require a bit of time investment before making a solid impact on the team. The solution? Cut Blake Stepp. A real shame as he had been showing some promise as a solid backup point guard. At least someone else agreed with me.

Cory Violette is doing well over in Italy. He helped his new team Sicc BPA Jesi beat Air Avellino 95 to 78. I have no idea how to get the box score at this time, but as the European season goes on I should be able to figure out how to get more information.

Richie Frahm came off the bench and made a few late three's to help the Trailblazers pull close at the end of the Warriors game, but they fell 87 to 84 when his half-court shot fell short. At 23 minutes of playtime Frahm only made 8 points, but add on the 6 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals and it looks like he had a pretty complete game. The Wolves are still hurting in the long range shooting, hopefully they will be able to fix that by the time the season starts.

Dan Dickau looks like he will make it on the Mavericks. Their center, Eric Eshmeyer retired retired after missing last year with a knee injury. That means there is an open slot on the roster that Dan might be able to move into. Let's hope that his ankle comes back from a light sprain without any lingering problems.

Yea, there is Mariners news. But like the Seahawks, I don't feel like talking about them. The Cardinals? 4 picks? Seriously, what's up. At least the Bengals won, even if it was at the expense of the Broncos. (Bengals have Kitna, who came in and won some good games for the Seahawks. Thus, they are good. And it's always fun to watch a team that has been down so long work their way into respectability with a new coach. Broncos used to have John Elway, the greatest quarterback of all time. Thus, they continue to be good in my book. I've tried to ignore them, but I still care if they win or loose. That's how great Elway was.)
Wednesday, October 20, 2004
Random Updates of the Possibly Useful Type.
Lets get one thing out of the way. WAY TO LET ME DOWN SEAHAWKS! Well, that feels better. The one or two people that read this now know my feelings as far as THAT team are concerned.

Now, onto the supposedly good news. Or at least some approximation of it. Rickie Frahm bounced back from a lousy game when he was given his first start to snag 13 points in 14 minutes during a 111-84 destruction of Charlotte. Not a bad recovery at all. Apparently the Bobcats are saying that Frahm never returned their calls. Well, he has a good deal now in Portland, hopefully he will be there for a while.

Dan Dickau made a good impression on at least one person and put up 14 points over 15 minutes in yesterdays game. Everyone seems to think that Dan is the most likely player to be cut, but we can hope they give him a chance. Or at least let him go early enough to get on a team that can use him.

Blake Stepp picked up 11 points on an injured Timber Wolves team a few days ago. Good shooting, but it looks like he was a little sloppy and gave up the ball a few times. Looks like he did pretty well to help Minnesota come within two with seven seconds to go today, but they fell just short.

For those of you who don't know, NCAA Basketball officially started on the 16th. Some of the pre-season polls have the Zags outside of the top 25, but that is understandable with the increase of new talent this year. A few good games and we will be in the top 10 where we belong. Speaking of good games, Ivy picked up us some bad-ass tickets for the Battle in Seattle game. Hilarity will ensue.
Tuesday, October 12, 2004
Expected, but still nice to see.
Take a look at this piece picked up from the Seattle Times.

Gonzaga is the favorite to capture its fifth consecutive regular-season West Coast Conference men's basketball crown in 2005 in a vote of the conference coaches.

The Bulldogs got 60 points, receiving five first-place votes to edge Saint Mary's College as the Gaels collected the other three first-place votes and 56 points.

Meanwhile, the Gonzaga women's team received seven first-place votes and 62 points. Pepperdine got one first-place vote and 56 points.

That's right. Not only are the Zags men pre-season favorites, but so are the women. They came oh so close last year to makeing the NCAA Tournement, lets hope they make it this year. According to Zags Hoops they also picked up a couple quality players so if all goes well we should be seeing great things from the womans squad for a while.

The Twins died, Yankee's won... Now all my hopes must be placed on Boston. Sometimes life just isn't fair. Maybe I'll get lucky and someone will come out of the east and win the world series again. Astro's would be fun, see the Yankee's x-ace come back and take two games from them and help stop them from getting a ring. Then again, seeing Schilling stand in the way of another championship for the Yankee's would also be enjoyable.

Monday, October 11, 2004
All eyes on Frahm
Not just because he is impressing his coach but because he is the only former Zag that is really making news at the moment. A guaranteed contract in Portland and a good (so far) training camp means we will probably be seeing quite a bit more of him then we did during the Seattle season last year.

Blake Stepp was officially signed by the Timberwolves last week. News filtering out from that organization claims he is still in the running for the 3rd guard spot. If anything comes up I'll be sure to post.

The one sad spot is Dan Dickau. No news at all other then a suggestion or two that he may be let go in order to open a roster spot... If that does happen let's hope it happens soon enough that he can find another team before the season starts.

In Mariner news, Melvin is gone. Strangely, he is being recomended to Arizona... If he goes there and screwes up Randy Johnson's record I'll be more then just a little annoyed. Then again, it's not like he can help create less offence over there. They were worse then us when it came to driving in some runs. If you can't win with Johnson, you can't win period.

Ok, that was a lie. Nobody was worse then us when it came to driving in runs.

Friday, October 08, 2004
Baseball is Over, Long Live Basketball!
I am such a bugger. The Mariners sinking ship of a season is over less then a week and I'm already gearing up to pay attention to Basketball. The Baseball season wasn't a complete waste, look at the tear Ichiro went on. Edgar is retired after 18 years in the organization... the retirement bit was a blast. Even from the 300 level. Of course I was so tired after that game and playing on my SJ410 until 4 that I didn't make the game the next day, but it was worth it.

Basketball is coming though. On the college front, the Zags are going to be sporting a different look. Zagshoops has a nice writeup for those of us out of the loop going into the year on all the changes.

On the professional front, we have 3 teams to follow this year. Blake Stepp was picked up by the Timberwolves in the second round of the draft and has a shot at being a backup point guard. Richie Frahm has another one year contract, this time with the Trail Blazers who almost picked him up last year, and has been looking good in camp so far. The only real question is Dan Dickau who is currently with the Mavericks. Rumors have been bouncing around that he will be let go before the season starts and several teams might be interested in picking him up. The Jazz have been mentioned, but that would be just to perfect. Heck, we wanted him to go there to begin with.

The one person who should be in the bigs is Cory Violette. With the tear he went through for us in the last half of the season he should have been given his signing papers as soon as he had a diploma in hand. Luckily, not all leauges are so short sided, he picked up a nice contract in Italy. On top of that he was drafted for the CBA as well in Idaho. So if he wants to come back and play some in the states, he has a contract waiting for him over here.

The season is still quite a ways out, but things are looking good. So if you will excuse me, I'm going to go root for the Twins to take it in 4.

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