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Wednesday, April 28, 2004
Things to make you go WTF?
Sure it has nothing to do with baseball, but I'm a geek at heart, so check this out.

Since my darling sister has decided to post, I should do something as well. On the baseball front, the Mariners managed to hold on in late innings last night to Baltimore. It's nice to be able to take down what looks to be one of the top teams in our side of the Leauge. Every little bit we can do to work our way back up into contention will help, even at this early point in the year.

Moyer is pitching tonight, it should give us a chance to stay out of another 5 game loosing streak. Then again, Palmeiro has hit 49 homers against the Mariners... That's a lot of balls out of the park. Lets hope he doesn't reach the nice round number of 50 anytime soon. Or if he does, not in a critical situation.

It was nice to see some offence, but do you realise we are only 2-8 when the Mariners score more then 5 runs? That is insane, our pitching needs to settle down. We should be able to break out of whatever we are in, hopefully it will be in time to make a run at the penant, as it is going to be hard to get the wild card slot. Then again, if the Yankees keep up their current pace, we shouldn't have near the problem originally thought.

My other team, Tampa Bay, has been doing pretty good this year. They are still a young team and lost a couple close games, but they are a lot more competetive then last year. Not quite the improvement that Detroit has made, but I don't think you can find a team in baseball that has improved that much.

Last but not least, take a look at the future. Enjoy.
Sunday, April 25, 2004
I'm bad the Mariners aren't!
Sigh, finally back home after spending three weeks in DC for work. I was stuck at a hotel without internet access (how weird is that?) so I'd duck into work early to make the rounds of the blogs and papers in order to keep up with the Mariners news. It was great to have the updates from everyone, the snarky and witty additions to the rather bland information the papers put out. Getting into town on Friday was the worse, I spent almost three hours stuck on the runway while a thunderstorm passed and the resulting airplane traffic cleared until we could take off. Then once I got back to my apartment I found out my friend accidentally locked my keys in the apartment. Sooo...I sat and waited for my apartment managers to come back, about midnight I gave up waiting for them and went to hang out with my friend who works nights at Nordstrom. Stayed up all night, grabbed breakfast at Mays (cinnamon rolls to die for), then came home to wait for a locksmith. Took him about ten minutes to get the door open. Then went to see the PNW Ballet (Serenade and Carmina Burana) which was a different experience seeing as I had not slept in over 36 hours. Then went home planning on taking a hour nap while watching the Mariners game. When I woke up it was after midnight! Ah well, didn't miss much although I did end up with a cramp in my neck from sleeping on the couch.

So in the first month I managed to only see a couple of games. I have a new appreciation of the dedication shown by those on the east coast who follow the Mariners. The few times they were on ESPN I watched for most of the game, but when its after midnight, work is looming in 7 hours, its the 7th inning and Melvin calls in Jarvis I just turned off the TV and went to bed. Its been a rough start...all the pitchers are getting knocked around and the defense has been remarkably bad (although it appears the infield defense is getting better). I'm only in Seattle for two weeks, then back to DC for two weeks. Its a goal to see at least one game at Safeco while I'm in town.

Couple of thoughts on the season so far...
Can hardly wait for Soriano to finish rehab and make it back up, if Melvin is smart he'll replace Meche as starter for any and all Texas games.
Poor Edgar must be wondering if it was worth it coming back for the year, but with his stats and being the backbone of the Mariners this year should help solidify his HOF campaign.
Yes, Jarvis is as bad as we feared...the Texas game today was laughable in how easily he gave up the long ball...Sports & B's have the right idea with Jarvis = towel.
The new Melvin still has the old Melvin's horrid inability to use the bullpen effectively...I'm thinking its a structural defect and we should ask for a refund.
Scott Spiezio is better than I expected, happy to be pleasantly surprised!
If you are at the Twins game and a blonde is begging Torii Hunter to stay behind in Seattle, just ignore me. In the off-season I swore over and over to Kris that the ONLY way I would be happy if the Mariners let Cammy get away was if they brought in Torii Hunter. Well, we know how that ended up. The only way I get Torii Hunter in Safeco is when he is on the opposing team. Damn.
Instead I have Randy "Limp Noodle Arm" Winn in center. Double damn.
Could Seattle love Edgar any more? Double 499 over with, waiting on 500!
With fans running from the sinking ship, will the owners still raise ticket prices next year?
It may be to soon to say anything, but Freddy is looking good and working with his catcher. Good thing since I convinced Don to pick him for his fantasy league.
Despite the big flaws (Jarvis, Melvin being unsure in his managerial style) and minor flaws (Winn needs to be moved back to left field), there is still good (Soriano, Piniero, Ichiro) and great (the Edgar!, Boone, garlic fries) left in the Mariners.

If baseball news has got ya down then some happy news from Spokane, the Zags just signed up JC big-boy Batista (originally from Brazil). Sounds like a real find, one of the best JC guys in the country and he should pick up the role played by Cory (hitting the boards, knocking down opposition players). Gonzaga still has one scholarship left, but coach Few says they plan on being very selective. Its gonna be an interesting time next year, a young but athletic team...check out the ZagHoops forum as they post reviews of the pick-up games that take place all summer. Gives you an idea of the incoming players and provides some form of relief until the season starts again!
Wednesday, April 07, 2004
Well... That didn't work to well.
Hopefully we will have better luck tonight when I get to actually watch. For those of you who don't know, we were kind of pounded on in a 10-5 loss. Moyer was hit by a ball that sounded pretty bad over the radio, but it sounds like he ended up ok.

The Mariners put on a good push in the bottom of the 8th with 2 outs that made everyone think of comeback, kind of like a few years ago when we scored all our runs with 2 outs on the table. Alas, it was not to be. Some nice ball play by Bloomquist on 3rd though, a nice bare-handed throw in the early innings for an out at first. At least we managed to get a few hits, even if we didn't string them together very well. It is early season though, and it is only the first game of the series. we should be able to take the other two and prepare for Oakland. On a side note I can see listening to a lot of games this year with the MLB broadcast. Especially since they have added an option to not use Real Player.

The other team I actually pay attention to, Tampa Bay, did a doubly good thing. Not only did they win, but they took out the Yankees 9-4. A-Rod hit his first home run for the pinstripes, but it was in a futile effort against the explosive bats of the Devil Rays! How many times did you expect to see that sentence in the off-season? It looks like Lou is doing some great work down there. Zambrano was a little flaky, but he battled his way out of it and managed to hold the Yankees to their first 4 points, it will be interesting to see how he handles the rest of his starts.

The tally for other teams I pay attention to.

Twins won in 15 innings - It's the Twins, how can you not like the Twins?
Arizona lost by 2, but Johnson pitched pretty well. Especially considering his last Spring Training game. - Johnson left the Mariners on good terms in my mind, so now I have to pay attention to Arizona.
St. Louis lost - But since they didn't play Bo Hart, I really don't care. That guy was fun to read about last year, to bad he isn't in the starting line-up this time around. Until he is, you probably won't see me mention St. Louis again.
Yankees lost - It's the Yankees. Every time they loose I will mention it on here. Especially if it is to a team with 200 million less on the payroll.
Tuesday, April 06, 2004
It's Opening Day!
Well, technically yesterday was but for M's fans today is the day. Not only that, we open at home. How cool is that. You can check out a quick preview of the game here.

There has been a remarkable lack of updates recently, but now that the season is started up proper the page will probably become a bit livelier. Well, that and when Ivy gets back from her trip to the East Coast. Nice of them to send her over when we had tickets. Oh well, instead Jeremy is coming along and he gets to buy me the beer. How cool is that.

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