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Wednesday, February 09, 2005
Good News for New Orleans...
Well, we lost last night to Seattle. A true shame, but it does tend to happen this year. Especially with Baron Davis being out so much. The additional playing time has been great for Dan Dickau but the Hornets really need to get some people healthy. Heck, the NBA let them put an extra body in the Injured Reserves List as they had filled it up. Good news though, looks like Baron might be back this weekend.

In Gonzaga news, Turiaf is a Wooden Award Top 30 Canidate. Joining former Bulldogs Matt Santangelo (2000), Casey Calvary (2001), Dan Dickau (2002) and Blake Stepp (2004). Not a bad piece of news at all is it.

Nice to see the sister posting again. Then again Spring Training is close by, and that means garlic fries are even closer. Mmmmm... Garlic Fries.
Tuesday, February 08, 2005
and the season goes on....
Right now, life is good....Gonzaga beat Saint Mary's and Santa Clara at home, avenging the Saint Mary's loss and getting Turiaf back in the groove with the Santa Clara win (22 points and 8 rebounds and 2 blocked shots). Now its Rivalry week and that is always fun cause it means a big bad showdown with Pepperdine! While I was at school Pepperdine ruled the WCC and we always longed to beat them (and did, to get our first NCAA tourney spot my sophmore year -- whoa dating myself!). So this Thursday's game should be fun (and its on ESPN2).

A great article in a Seattle paper on JP Batista. Its amazing to do so well and not get the chance to see your family. A similar situation to Turiaf. Not being able to go home for the holidays and such must make having a "family" atmosphere at the school a real necessity. I can remember missing a Thanksgiving one year and going to a professor's house with a group of friends for an impromptu family holiday -- thanks Doug! Makes all the difference when you are far from home.

Also a nice catch-up article on Dan Dickau (former GU guard who came over to GU from the dark side...err wet side...transfering from UW). Anyway, Dan is shooting it up for New Orleans and will be playing the Sonics tonight. Hopefully we will see some other GU players in the NBA soon (maybe....Blake Stepp or Cory Violette?) or we can just wait until Turiaf makes it big!

Anyway, not much new on Mariners land except the long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long wait for spring training to arrive!

Thursday, January 27, 2005
Oh my god...its alive!
Yeah, its been awhile since anyone wrote on this blog so for all those people out there clicking multiple times a day in hopes of seeing words of wisdom...thank the lord that I'm procrastinating from work and trying to get this baby started!

Zags alert -- Been doing good, suprisingly good with a young team and a rash of not-serious-but-annoying injuries. Early and impressive scalps include UW (8 years in a row now!), Georgia Tech (aaah, Vegas! such fun, so many fuzzy memories!), UMass (Key Arena game -- killer seats and watched with my brother and cousin), and Okalahoma State. Only loss was to Illinois and Mizzou.

Some nagging injuries -- Erroll Knight was out at the beginning of the year and then again for the San Fran game and then Ronny (sadly without the fro) played with some severely sprained ankles, really limiting his ability against Ok. State and Mizzou. You could see the poor guy could barely get any elevation and for a big man who likes to block shots and dunk that hurt his ability to produce. Still drew double teams even when he couldn't buy a basket though!

Then the trouble started -- conference play against teams that know the GU system inside and out and have excellent 3-point play. Two losses so far, both on the road against St. Marys and San Francisco. In both games the Zags played shaky defense, and really gave up the perimiter prompting Mark Few to bench a few players to remind everyone that defense is actually part of the game. The next game against San Diego there was rebounding galore and much rejoicing. Now a week off and three games at home should help everyone in the never-ending quest to be the team that gets to the (dare I say it...oh, I dare) the.. the... CHAMPIONSHIP!

Sigh, the joys of being a unabashed fan....

Two former Zags are doing well in the NBA. Richie Frahme (former Sonic, drafted by Charlotte then released then picked up by Portland) is finally off the injured list (and it was even a real injury!) and is doing well as he works his way into the flow of things. Dan Dickau (hee..all I can remember is the remake of the 70's song "Brickhouse" to talk about his game) is tearing it up for the New Orleans Hornets. Guess that voodoo doll really worked! The game is starting the click and I think as a smart (high basketball IQ) guy, it just took some time for him to figure out the tricks to get by since he's not as athletic as other players. Old age and treachery will always beat youth and skill. Remember that you young whippersnappers.

Anyway, this is keeping me kinda sane as there is still 20 days until pitchers and catchers report to Peoria and I'm being taunted...TAUNTED I tell you by the local press which is reporting the Mariners may resign Cameron. As some may recall I cried great big bloody tears when the Mariners let Cammy go to the Mets (and did not get me Torri Hunter as a replacement). Sigh, a year of wincing as Randy Limp Noodle Arm Winn tried to cover center. So I'd be happy to see Cameron again (I really didn't mind the strikeouts) but the papers shouldn't tease this close to spring training. It isn't nice.

Two Mariners related things to be excited about...picking up tickets (debating on the usual buy a bunch of tickets at once or buy two sets of 16-game packages...hmmm...) and finding a frame for my (soon to be winning) betting slip for the Mariners to win the world series. While in Vegas I bought one for my brother and one for myself and at 30/1 odds we are stoked to see the winnign game and heading for Vegas. Yes, blind faith is easier when spring training has not even started yet.

Well, I should go and oh, actually do some work now. Promise to update more on the Zags and M's as work drives me to new lows.

Thursday, November 18, 2004
Oi, I just suck it up don't I?
Two weeks without an update. No wonder hardly anybody reads this. Well, I'm back now. Not sure for how long, but I'm back.

St. Mary, we knew they were good. They have been putting on a strong showing lately in the WCC, but check this out. That's right, national spotlight for another WCC team baby! They are without two major players right now, but that will mean only positive things if they manage to catch a few peoples attention then pick it up further with two of their stars back in at the half-way point. The game starts at 7:00 EST, 4 for the rest of us. You can get information from the ESPN Scoreboard.

It looks like the Gonzaga ladies get their first crack at the new stadium with a game on the 20th to open up the season. They just missed the NCAA last year, there are great hopes that they will make the cut this time around. Two NCAA Tourney teams, it sounds good doesn't it?

For the Men's side, the Seattle Times has a good article on the new team. We open on the 19th against Portland. For those interested in watching on the tele, 7:00 PM PST on Fox Sports Northwest. The complete schedule can be found over here along with air dates.

Quick NBA spot. Nobody is playing. Dickau has had 4 minutes and the most news he has made is when he slammed Dirk Nowitzki's hand in a taxicab door. He might get some work Friday night due to injuries that are building on on the Mav's. Hopefully he can do well enough to earn some more time on the floor. Frahm has been injured, pulled a tendon, out for two-three weeks. Not that they were really playing him when he was there. Portland has been bombing it this season. Meanwhile Utah and Seattle are kicking it up a notch (BAM!) and at 6-w and 8-1 are working the system pretty well. Lets see if they can keep it up without crashing.

Side Note:
No news from Blake Stepp recently. It's hard as all my search tools tend to go through and pull up Zags preseason info on how they lost Stepp and Violette. Go fig.
Thursday, November 04, 2004
Woot! Go Jazz!
Ok, so Dickau is out on the IR. Basically he is being held in reserve in case someone else gets injured. It happens, but at least he is on a team. Frahm didn't play last night. The Trailblazers probably could have used him as they didn't really ring up the points in the first three quarters, but pulled it off with a solid 4th. Time will tell if they can keep it up.

But how about those Utah Jazz! All though they are now two years removed from the John Stockton(Greatest point guard ever) era I will probably pay attention to them until the end of time. Just like I still pay attention to the Bronco's because of Elway. But I digress. Way to take down the Lakers. Take down is perhaps to soft of a description, they kind of smashed them. I don't pay attention to the pre-season to much, so I don't know if the Jazz look to be able to do this all year. But with Boozer and that big Russian Kirilenko going strong it would be cool to see them be a challenger this year. That and I hate the Lakers. Nothing personal, but Kobe whines to much. Don't worry though, I hate Shaq to. Sucker flails around like a fish out of water then bitches about calls left and right. At least he lost weight for his new team, wonder how long that will last. I give it 3 months before the honeymoon is over. But once again, I digress.

Side Note:
Sonics sucked it up something fierce. To the Clippers even. Seriously, who looses to the Clippers. Or are they decent now? I really should pay more attention. And the only political news you will see on this blog, the Redskins lost and incumbent president won. Making this the first time that has happened. Ever. Since the team moved to Washington in 1936. Guess it was just a coincidence after all.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004
And the season begins!
So the NBA season begins... and Portland didn't play last night. Dallas did play, but Dan is on the injured reserve to start the season. At least he is on the team though. On a side note, Dallas decided not to pick up his 4th year option so it isn't all good news. So we should have some more NBA news about Frahms performance in the morning.

Remember Casey Calvary? He is now playing in Australia, and getting in some trouble while he is at it. We'll let you know more as we find it.

No more news about Cory Violette. I really need to talk to someone in Italy so I can figure out what is going on. Because I don't have the slightest clue.

Gonzaga isn't in the top 25, but it did recieve votes. It looks like we are rated 26ish in both polls. However, it wasn't the only wcc team to do so. That's right, Pepperdine is on the list of voted for once again. It looks like St. Joes isn't being given much of a shout out this year with only 2 votes, but they did loose one hell of a player.

Side Note:
Patriots where stomped by the Steelers. After 21 wins in a row, 399 days... Impressive play by the Steelers, though the Patriots where a bit wounded walking into this fight. Now the real question is if the Steelers can put together a complete game to take down the other undefeated team in the NFL, the Eagles, next week.
Wednesday, October 27, 2004
Nice game, almost pulled it off.
Sometimes I wish I had a Tivo and the NBA Spend Way To Much Money On Us Cable Package. Then I could record all the games with players I want to know about and give nice updates about how each one played the game. As it is, I just have to deal with the box score where Dan Dickau came off the bench and scored 17 points in 23 minutes on 6 of 8 shooting and almost helped Dallas take down the Spurs. Then again, the Spurs were without Duncan, but it still makes a pretty good case for keeping Dan on the roster and giving him some play time this year. Then again, it also makes a point for other teams to pick him up if he should be cut. Teams like the Utah Jazz. That's right, the Jazz are having troubles in the Guard spot this year with their backup's, Rual Lopez, knee still not healing up like it should. With the other players they have in training camp not protecting the ball very well they are looking around to see what they will do if Lopez isn't ready. Dickau is one of the choices. It would be nice to see Blake Stepp get a tryout as well, you never know.

Nothing new on the Zags front. Probably won't have to much for a month or so. And I'm still ignoring the Mariners and Seahawks.

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